Personal Credit Growth

Building Credit
We don't call it credit repair as we are not repairing anything. We are going to work with you to build a strong foundation to ensure your Personal credit growth remains solid.
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Dreams become reality
Our strategies and approach to building your credit are innovative and will align to your lifestyle with minimal change in your daily lifestyle.
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New Era Success

personal credit freedom



You will learn all the steps necessary to ensure you are on the right track and be able to pass down to your loved ones.

Debt Management

A plan will be made to assist you with manageming your debt to align with the goals we will set for you.

Credit Coaching

We will review your current practices and recommend practices for you to implement to reach your credit goals.

Financial Review

Overall review of your financial portfolio will be done that will point out your areas of strength and weaknesses.

Credit Report Review

An in-depth review of your credit report by all 3 major Credit Bureaus will be dissected and explained to you and what needs to be done to clean it up.


We are always a phone call, text or email away to assist you on your path to financial freedom.

Miscellaneous 66 final

Civil Judgement


Student Loan Accounts




Child Support Foreclosure




Tax Liens


Collections Charge Off Accounts


Late Payment History

1-3 Months
$25 ea

4-9 Months
$20 ea

10+ Months
$15 ea